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Discussion in 'Welcome & Introductions' started by CPR Call Blocker Support, Nov 19, 2013.

  1. Steve C

    Steve C New Member

    Hi just received the V202!! Working on a few bugs to get it to work properly, but it looks like I will have to set it up a Parallel until I can get a tech from Verizon out here to check for line noise.

    But, just want to introduce myself to the forum, I am from Rhode Island, USA the smallest State in the US!! Hi to all! :)
  2. CPR Call Blocker Support

    CPR Call Blocker Support Technical Support Team Staff Member

    Thanks for introducing yourself. I think I have replied to you via email.
    If you are receiving any noise on the line of any kind, it's usually down to poor quality
    equipment on your line that is causing it, so it's worth removing it all and starting from
    scratch again. Plug things back in one at a time until the noise re-occurs and then either
    leave that piece of equipment out of the equation or change that piece of equipment.
    It's usually ADSL/DSL filters that cause these issues, so if you do use filters, replace them
    with top quality ADSL/DSL filters such as NETGEAR, BELKIN, D-LINK or ADSL NATION XF1e filters.
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2016
  3. Steve C

    Steve C New Member

    Had Tech out and he replaced the ONT (which is a router outside) which was an upgrade from what I had, he checked the voltage and that was as high as he could go, all this and no joy.

    I will use the Parallel hookup as that works perfectly. I also found that if I program from another phone and put in the codes, then hit the green button on the phone (dial), I let it connect, get a brief message then hang up. I then go to Call Blocker and hit the last number that called on the list and hit the Block button and it says "Successful".

    So, basically I cannot use the #2 at another phone to block the calls. I just have to get off my butt and go to Call Blocker and do the above!

    Thanks for all your help Kevin, top notch service! Maybe someone will find a way to Block Calls using the regular hookup method, but all in all not a big deal to do it the way I mentioned.

    If no one knows about this method, I would be more than happy to post it somewhere.

    Thanks again Kevin, great, great service!!

  4. CPR Call Blocker Support

    CPR Call Blocker Support Technical Support Team Staff Member

    Thanks, Steve. I'm glad you're happy with the device.
  5. ALN

    ALN New Member

    Hi. This is Al. Got the V 5000 about a month ago. Simple (Serial) set-up and love the Block Noe button! I'm using "Reply" to Kevin's post because I cannot figure out how to start a new thread. Help please.
  6. Steve C

    Steve C New Member

    Hi Al and welcome to the community. I think I might be able to help you post a new thread:

    First go here: http://www.cprcallblockerforum.com/index.php
    2nd, select your area of concern, such as Troubleshooting, then at the top of the page on right side you will see a "Post New Thread"
    Click on that, give your issue a name and type in your problem or thoughts!!

    Good luck, and again Welcome to the Community!!
  7. ALN

    ALN New Member

    Got it! Thanks Steve.
  8. CPR Call Blocker Support

    CPR Call Blocker Support Technical Support Team Staff Member

  9. Steve C

    Steve C New Member

    You are very welcome!!
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  10. Ron1964

    Ron1964 New Member

    Hi everyone I'm Ron a new member here. I want to thank all the knowledgeable staff here for all their help.Thanks!
  11. CPR Call Blocker Support

    CPR Call Blocker Support Technical Support Team Staff Member

    Your welcome and I'm glad all is ok now with regards to posting, etc.
  12. JeffW

    JeffW New Member

    I have had a V108 for only a week or so but the difference in nuisance calls is dramatic! We have had quite a lot of nuisance for some years now but recently had 10+ in a day. I have been looking for a good call blocking phone that works like my android phone for some time but that day I started looking in earnest! I turned to Which and read about call blockers. A query to CPR Tech Support answered my questions and so I bought the V108.

    We live in the Hampshire countryside and are subject to power failures, so we have to have a couple of corded phones as well as our Gigaset system. We also have a decades old digital caller display unit, which, despite its age, can recognise International calls, unlike the Gigaset system. This is most helpful as we have family living in Australia.

    So far, the V108 has been excellent. One interesting thing it blocks 02027 730192 (an international call?) as neither the corded or Gigaset phones ring but the latter lists it as a missed call.


  13. JoG

    JoG New Member

    Hi, my name is Jo G and I have had my V202 for only a couple of weeks but Oh the bliss of not receiving unwanted calls 3and 4 times a day.

    In the 2 weeks since I installed the call blocker I have only had spam calls 2 times but the joy of hitting the big red button!!!!!!!. Looking forward to undisturbed evenings and meal times, I just wished I had invested in one of your call blockers years ago.
  14. RudyG

    RudyG New Member

    Hi all, I am RudyG from California. I have the V202 hooked in a Daisy chain fashion with my Uniden cordless phone base station.
    My set up must be on the ragged edge as sometimes my cordless doesn't show the caller ID on an incoming call, but it
    and the V202 call list do show the caller ID after the call has ended. Weird. Anyway, I have already noticed a drop in unwanted
    telemarketing calls. :)

    An update to my post above.

    The past two days have been telemarketer free! Wow! We used to get a minimum of four to five a day. I've also changed the connection to parallel because the Caller ID was not reliably coming up on my phone's display.
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2017

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