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International calls still getting through

Discussion in 'International calls now shown through Caller ID' started by EA Kissack, Dec 3, 2014.

  1. EA Kissack

    EA Kissack New Member


    I have blocked all out of area and international codes as well as calls starting 00.

    However I am noticing some getting through (eg 001448430500651 today)

    What can I do to stop this?

    Also after blocking a number with **7# .... # how many beeps should I hear (I get one on teh first # and 3 on the second #)?

  2. Matthew - CPR Call Blocker

    Matthew - CPR Call Blocker Product Development Manager Staff Member

    Hi, As this is a valid number and not displayed as "INTERNATIONAL" then the best way to block it is by pressing the BLOCK NOW button or by entering #2 into your cordless handset.
  3. EA Kissack

    EA Kissack New Member


    thanks, I do do that but thought blocking code 00 would stop all valid international nos?

  4. CPR Call Blocker Support

    CPR Call Blocker Support Technical Support Team Staff Member

    Hi Allan
    Usually 00 area code will block 00 calls but not always.
    The best way to block that call if it comes through is to press BLOCK NOW and
    it will be blocked for future reference.

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