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CPR Call Blocker v.201

Discussion in 'CPR Call Blocker Models' started by CPR Call Blocker Support, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. CPR Call Blocker Support

    CPR Call Blocker Support Technical Support Team Staff Member

    Hi There

    This is the CPR Call Blocker v.201 model. This unit is the same as previous
    models of our call blocker apart from the caller display screen that accompanies it.
    It has a pre-programmed list of 200 numbers altogether plus you can also block up to
    1000 extra numbers at the touch of a button. There is the addition of a new feature
    with this call blocker, enabling you to block a call without pressing the BLOCK NOW
    button from any DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephone) handset. By simply
    pressing # then 2 whilst on a call to a valid caller ID number, the number is instantly
    added to the block list, meaning that number can't call you back again.

    We don't stock these units anymore but we do sell them as refurbished models
    to customers at a cheaper price than the newer models.

    Please feel free to use this thread to discuss the v.201 CPR Call Blocker model. If you
    require any help or assistance regarding this particular model, then feel free to post
    your questions.


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  2. Zippy50

    Zippy50 New Member

    Trying to decide which product to purchase. What does someone calling from a blocked number hear when they dial my number? (Apologies if this is on the website but couldn't find the answer).
    I understand that sometime next year BT will start to show on caller display (where possible) the actual international number that is calling rather than just "International". Will this mean that the generic block on all international numbers will no longer work?
    Finally how do you update the list of pre blocked numbers that are pre-programmed into the device when you update your list of known nuisance callers?
  3. CPR Call Blocker Support

    CPR Call Blocker Support Technical Support Team Staff Member

    Hi Zippy50

    The callers hear a brief ring and then the line clicks/cuts off to a dead line with silence. BT will start broadcasting CALLER ID from numbers overseas
    which is going to be a lot better for our call blocker customers. This means they can then choose which calls to block and allow. The INTERNATIONAL code and IP DIALLING SYSTEMS codes should still work, but if we need to, we will change them to whatever is appropriate when and if the system is changed. Only WE can update the 200 pre-programmed numbers. This is done on every new updated model that comes out. Hope this helps?...
  4. Zippy50

    Zippy50 New Member

    If you do need to update the codes to block all international calls when BT start broadcasting caller id would this mean a new unit would have to be purchased?

    Thank you
  5. CPR Call Blocker Support

    CPR Call Blocker Support Technical Support Team Staff Member

    Well, technically no as you have the space to block an extra 1000 numbers yourself.
    But if we did change the codes once BT start broadcasting the numbers, then yes we would
    obviously need to change something slightly but you wouldn't need to upgrade it.
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2014
  6. Roy

    Roy New Member

    I have actually just taken the plunge and purchased your V201 for my elderly father as a Christmas present. He lives quite some way from me, so it would be useful to have a copy of the user manual for me. Do you have a pdf that you can make available please?
    On a more technical note, I have found the V106 user manual on line. Are the operational key codes very much the same on the V201, apart from the new #2 for immediate blocking?
  7. CPR Call Blocker Support

    CPR Call Blocker Support Technical Support Team Staff Member

    They are exactly the same, Roy. All of the codes and features are the same but the added option of using # 2 while on a call to a valid number (showing on caller display) adds the number to the block list without having to press the BLOCK NOW button. This is very handy if he's elderly and doesn't want to get out of his chair to press the BLOCK NOW button every time
    he gets a call. Calls like WITHHELD, INTERNATIONAL, OUT OF AREA, PRIVATE, UNAVAILABLE, UNKNOWN etc must still be blocked via the unique programming codes on pages 6,7,8. We haven't had a chance to put the new v.201 user guide online yet, and we can't ship one to you either as they are all part of the new packages so we don't have any spare. But I can print you one out myself and I can ship that to you. If you just PM (Private Message) me your address and I'll sort it.
  8. Zippy50

    Zippy50 New Member

    Apologies but I am getting a little confused here. You say you may need to change something with the codes for a user to have a blanket block on international calls when BT start to broadcast caller ID on international numbers. Does this mean that the software in the unit can be updated remotely or would the unit have to be returned to you to have something done at the factory?

    Thank you
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  9. CPR Call Blocker Support

    CPR Call Blocker Support Technical Support Team Staff Member

    Zippy50, please don't worry about future things that may happen. All of the codes will all still function as they should.
    If BT do decide to start broadcasting numbers, then they can be blocked on their own accord without any problems.
    I can't answer any more than that, I'm afraid as I simply don't have the answers. The software can't be updated remotely,
    it can only be updated by us on newer version models. You really don't need to worry about this though as we constantly
    put our customers needs first and will always sort something out if we need to.
  10. Yogi

    Yogi New Member

    Are the 200 encased numbers valid for the USA? Will the V201 work on voip providers such as Brighthouse and Comast in the USA? The v106 would not work because of the characters you use, # and *. Can you block a number that you did not answer after the call without typing it in?
  11. iamthewalrus

    iamthewalrus New Member

    Hi Kevin-
    I'm one of the folks from the USA who was having a problem with the ** sequence on the v1.06 call blocker.
    Do the v1.07 and/or v2.01 address this issue?
    I purchased mine through eBay, and would appreciate assistance in what I need to do to get one of the newer models.
    Thanks (and Happy New Year),
  12. CPR Call Blocker Support

    CPR Call Blocker Support Technical Support Team Staff Member

    We sell thousands of these units to customers from the U.S on Comcast, COX, AT&T, Verizon etc and it should work absolutely fine.
    Some customers have reported no problems on these networks and some have claiming that the call blocker can't be programmed
    as the codes are similar. The v.107 and v.201 versions have an alternate way of programming the call blocker so the codes don't conflict
    so yes, it should work fine. As long as you have a straight forward DECT type phone and not too many other phones connected to things
    around the house, we are confident it should work absolutely fine.
  13. CPR Call Blocker Support

    CPR Call Blocker Support Technical Support Team Staff Member

    Yes, they do address this issue. You can program these units via * * or via # *
    As long as you have a straight forward setup with a single DECT type phone and not too
    many other phones connected via extensions sockets, it should work fine.
  14. iamthewalrus

    iamthewalrus New Member

    Thanks Kevin - I have Verizon FIOS and am using a Panasonic DECT phone.
    The ** sequence is what causes the problem.
    Can you tell me what I need to do to exchange mine for a v1.07 or upgrade to a v2.01?
  15. CPR Call Blocker Support

    CPR Call Blocker Support Technical Support Team Staff Member

    Hi again
    To exchange the v.106 for a v.107 model which is exactly the same apart from one extra function (you are now able to block a call
    without pressing the block now button whilst on a call by pressing # 2 on your phone's keypad) then you just simply need to return
    it to us at the address on the side of the call blocker box along with a letter stating you wish for it to be replaced with the updated
    v.107 version.

    If you want the v.201 screen call blocker you will have to pay full price for this as these units cost a lot more to make.
    They are £59.99 as opposed to the £39.99 for v.107 and earlier models. We will replace the v.106 model with a v.107
    model but not for a v.201 model. I hope this helps?...
  16. iamthewalrus

    iamthewalrus New Member

    I posted in v1.06 forum my concern of the high cost of sending the unit back. You had replied that "With regards to the returns postage we will refund you that through amazon." I purchased my unit from you via eBay. Can you tell me how this can be done? I understand the v2.01 is totally new, is there any way I can return the v1.06 and pay the difference for a v2.01?
    Thanks, Mark
  17. CPR Call Blocker Support

    CPR Call Blocker Support Technical Support Team Staff Member

    Yes, you can do that if you wish. Give us a ring 0n 408-872-6822 to discuss it and make payment.
    You can then send the v.106 back to us via our address on the side of the box.
  18. DoNotCall696

    DoNotCall696 New Member

    Hi, Kevin. I earlier posted a few questions to the v.106 thread. In terms of returning my v.106 (I'm in the USA) can you confirm that "the address on the side of the box" is and the what I need to do to request reimbursement:

    CPR Global
    York Chambers
    York Street

    Also, similar to "iamthewalrus" I'd like to discuss paying the difference between v.106 and v.201. Is 408-872-6822 a domestic USA number? What time zone is best to call? I'm in Pacific Standard Time.
  19. CPR Call Blocker Support

    CPR Call Blocker Support Technical Support Team Staff Member

    Hi DoNotCall696
    I replied to your thread in the v.106 section also. Yes, that address is 100% correct.
    If you are from PDT timezone it's best to ring us anytime between 01:00am - 09:00am
    Mon - Fri. (We are 8 hours in front of you in the UK). The U.S technical support number
    408 872 6822 is a designated Skype number for our overseas customers. So it's technically
    a U.S number or if you have Skype on a smartphone or PC, then you can also contact us free
    by searching cprcallblocker in the Skype directory.
  20. WilliamL

    WilliamL New Member

    I'm using Comcast/vtech-dect (in series) and it is working but I have a few questions. I hope you can answer these questions individually and that the info will be helpful to others too.

    -I'd like to list out all the numbers that I've entered into the unit but the display changes too fast for my old eyes. Any suggestions?
    -Does the last call received continue to be displayed or is there a way to bring it up? What should I see when a call is blocked? I think a call was blocked but I don't see any indication on the display. (downstream phone shows ' blocked')
    -Is there a way to see what the last few received calls numbers are?
    -Do I have to answer the call to use the 'Block Now' button?
    -What is the difference between 'Withheld/Private callers' and 'Unavailable callers'? A good friend of mine has a cell phone that caller id says 'no id' and neither of us knows why. I don't want to block these calls.
    -What does 'Out of area/International' mean? Does this only block international calls or is there more to it?
    -What are the default settings for the four (?) functions?
    -I've noticed that when I put in **6#813# I get 'fail' on the display but the deletion seems to be successful.. odd. When I put in a number to block I get 'successful.
    -When should I use line1/tel1 or line2/tel2? What is the difference? (I'm using 2 now)
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