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CPR Call Blocker Shield

Discussion in 'CPR Call Blocker Models' started by CPR Call Blocker Support, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. CPR Call Blocker Support

    CPR Call Blocker Support Technical Support Team Staff Member

    Hi There

    This is the CPR Call Blocker SHIELD model. This unit is basically the
    same as the previous v.108 model, but has a sleek new design and it has
    updated pre-programmed numbers stored in the call blocker totalling a
    whopping 2000 number capacity altogether. You can also block up to
    1500 extra numbers at the touch of a button.

    If you require any help or assistance regarding this particular model, then feel free to post
    your questions.

    We sell The CPR Call Blocker SHIELD model in a choice of 3 colours.


    Last edited: Sep 27, 2016
  2. Sambo

    Sambo New Member

    I purchased CPR shield to prevent me from having to enter phone numbers to black list, when I haven't been able to answer the phone. I do not answer the call when I don't recognize a number, and let it ring out. Often they leave a 'silent' voice mail. At that point, I want to block the number, but don't want to have to enter the number. I'm a bit confused regarding the 'Last Call block' feature. It is not clear in the user manual (at least not to me), how this 'Last Call block' feature is enacted. I have caller-id and can display the number on my DECT wireless phone. Do I display the number, then just press the 'Block Now' button? Not sure how it confirms that it was added.

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